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  • Why should I use a CPA office?
    Well, there's several reasons... Not seasonal- We're here year round, not just during tax season. Relationship- You'll work with the same preparer each year; we remember your past and help plan for your future. Local- We live here, too. We love our community and spend our dollars locally whenever possible. Business Partnerships- Need a referral? Chances are, we know someone who can help. Professionals- Your information is prepared by an Enrolled Agent (EA) or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). An EA is a national license issued by the IRS, while a CPA is licensed by a state Accountancy Board. Each require passing a multi-part rigorous national test. Education- We have mandatory annual continuing education requirements for our professional credentials (CPA/EA). This means we've got the scoop on the most recent information to help our clients.
  • What are your office days and hours?
    We're crunching numbers Monday through Friday, generally from 8am-5pm, unless it's a holiday. We'll let you know in advance on Facebook. "Like" our page to get the scoop... we'll post tax-saving tips there, too.
  • How much is this going to cost?
    Business Accounting, Payroll and other services are available either hourly or on a monthly plan. Our tax work is billed based on your specific circumstances, such as complexity and time necessary. You may request an estimated fee for services before any work begins. Without seeing your historical information and having a conversation- we'd be making a "guesstimate". We don't want to surprise you, so we don't offer estimated fees over the phone. All invoices are due upon presentation. *Some projects may require a retainer.
  • Other than taxes, what else do you do?
    We offer everything from Tax Planning and Preparation to IRS Representation. Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, along with Sales Tax Reports, Workers Comp audits, and LLC renewals are helpful for businesses. We offer Business Entity Selection, Accounting Software Selection and Implementation and more.
  • How can I get in contact with you?!
    Open and honest communication is a vital ingredient for success with our clients. We provide office numbers and email addresses to everyone. You never know when you may have questions for your CPA, so we encourage our clients to contact us anytime they have questions or feedback. We prefer to discuss before you take action in case there are unexpected results. Have a idea? Need a particular service? We're all ears!
  • I'm a new tax client. What do I need to bring or submit to the portal?
    A few things will get us going: First time for taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable): - Most recently filed federal and state return - Driver's licenses - Social Security card for everyone on return - Dates of birth for everyone on return * See additional FAQ item for dependents. Every year: - All income (W2, 1099, K-1, social security, retirement, interest, royalties, gambling, etc.) - Business information (business, farm, rental, etc.) If you itemize- Medical/Dental Taxes Interest Charity Casualty/Theft Other
  • What documentation do I need for a dependent? One time? Every year?
    We must have paperwork in your file to document the children (in your home or away at college) are qualified dependents per IRS regulations. If the IRS disallows one of the credits, you will be asked to provide documentation to substantiate the claim. Relationship: We only need to verify this once. Documents include a birth certificate, social security card, hospital birth announcement and/or CBIB card. If the child is not biological, we may also need adoption records or DNA/paternity tests to establish relationships. Residence: We must re-establish this for each child yearly. All documents should show their physical address to be the same as yours. School/daycare- report card, enrollment, attendance records, or a statement on official letterhead. Health care provider statement or medical records. Adoption or child placement documents or court records. Other items- bank statement, savings account, etc. College age- bursar statement, semester transcript, etc. Please note the time span should be more than six (6) months of the year, so you may need more than one document to meet the requirements. For example, a spring and fall report card. We understand these may seem extensive or invasive, but we are required by Section 6695(g) of the Internal Revenue Code and face potential penalties for each child and credit claimed. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Do you offer a paperless option for taxes?
    Of course! Everyone's busy, we get it. We offer a secure portal to send your documents, electronic signatures for e-filing, and digital copies of your returns for a 100% remote option, should you choose. We still love to see our clients, though. We're happy to schedule an in-person appointment and review your return face-to-face. Sometimes the traditional approach with hard copies is a better fit, and we're happy to accomodate.
  • Can you speak to an agency (IRS, OTC, etc.) on my behalf?"
    We sure can! There's A LOT involved with agency compliance, but we love what we do. We understand it makes your heart race to receive correspondence from an agency in what feels like a foreign language. First, take a deep breath. Then, call us and we can help determine the best course of action for you.
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