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Why Accreditation

Conducting business with HANSE ENERGY (OIL) requires Accreditation. The HANSE Business Class operates a range of accreditation schemes (Licenses) that provide recognition of your organisation’s competence in performing conformity business services and ensures that your products and services are assessed in line with globally-recognised standards.


Waive Assessment


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Communication: what is important for us

Please do NOT send uncalled papers (contract drafts, LOI`s, etc.), and kindly avoid using buzzwords, such as, ASWP, POP, ICPO, RWA, SCO, FCO. LOI, BANK-TO-BANK, MANDATE, TITLE HOLDER, ...WE, UNDER PERJURY OF...., ROLLS AND EXTENSIONS, GROSS AND NET, etc, and kindly also refrain from private business procedures that all may remain delayed or unattended.

How we communicate

We do NOT communicate via social networks such as WhatsApp, Skype or others. All callers must be legitimated, and communication to be based on a phone agenda in advance, and we do not reply to emails which do not bear a salutation and signature. We invite you to communicate swiftly and have at least your office sending us an interim note. For ALL business inquiries, please only use the relevant application format.


Generally, HANSE OIL does NOT issue sales- or purchase commitments or even such requests to customers who are not accredited. Other clients are invited to contact our Brokers, OIL BROKER ASIA, duly authorized to negotiate and prepare the business for execution and digital signing process by HANSE.

Global Business Standards

Our core values of “Act with integrity” and “Tell the truth” have guided our behavior and business practices for over 38 years. We want to do not only what is right, but what is best. And we want everyone we deal with – customers, dealers, competitors – to know this is how we will do business. In today’s business environment, it’s important to stand behind our commitments.We ask all of our employees to go through training on these standards to demonstrate that we take these issues seriously. It boils down to this: Do what’s right, and if you think something isn’t right, say something. Talk to your leader, or use our integrity line. We are in business together. Your reputation is our company’s reputation. Thank you for all you do to uphold our high standard.


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